Pyshield 1.7.0 Released Today!

I’m so glad to announce Pyshield 1.7.0 released today!

There is a remarkable change in this version that the GUI is re-written by Qt.

The second major change is that pyshield extension and pyload function are separated from pyshield GUI, so that the expert in python can use basic function of pyshield to protect plain scripts and convert python scripts to executable files.

The other big changes include

- Enhance encrypt algorithm to protect source code
- Developer can use custom key/iv to encrypt source code
- Compiled scripts (.pyc, .pyo) could be encrypted by pyshield
- Extension modules (.dll, .so, .pyd) could be encrypted by pyshield
- Simplify the process of encrypting script and publishing project

The key for this version is to protect python plain scripts and publish python scripts easily, the advance features for coding haven’t been full tested, the integrated GUI debugger hasn’t been implemented. All of these functions will be finished on January, 2014, click here to know the release plan in details.

I’ll keep on improving Pyshield in 2014, and the goal for Pyshield next year is to be one best IDE of python.