Dashingsoft Corp. established in August 26, 2006.

Dashingsoft’s vision is to provide a reliable software development model. By the  new software testing theory to ensure product quality, and design the test tools by this theory, so as to provide the quality of software production and the shield.

Another vision is to provide a new training-system, it called E-Teacher. Through the analysis of how people to learn and think, Dashingsoft establish a knowledge and learning model based on space theory in mathematics. It can make  people to quickly grasp the necessary knowledge.

Dashingsoft insisted on building its own theory on both of  testing theory and mental models. It intends to develop the corresponding software tools to achieve the corresponding theoretical ideas. So the tools will be the media to show the theory .

In the testing theory researching, the basic approach is to define the computer system, hardware layer, software layer and application layer as domain space. The domain space is combined with attributes and behaviors, and test requirements of any application can be described by these domains.

In the theory of electronic teaching materials, based on one principle of that everything is pyhiscal, we try to understand how human to think and learn.

Corresponding to the two goals, Dashingsoft has the 2 product series: software testing platform, and electronic teaching materials.


No. 1, JinYe Road, High-tech Industrial Development Zone,
Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710075, P.R.C

Telphone: (86) 029-6825 0652
E-mail:     jondy.zhao@gmail.com

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