Pyarmor is a python package which could import/run encrypted python scripts.

Pyarmor is designed for developers who do not want distribute literal python scripts to their customers.

Here are the main differences of using Pyarmor to run/import encrypted python scripts:

  • transform python script to encrypted one with extension ".pye"
  • add a few of auxiliary files

It means Pyarmor almost doesn't change anything, you can run/import encrypted pythons scripts just as they're not encrypted. So you can run/import encrypted python scripts in any environment which python can run. For example, in a web framework, or as cgi scripts.

Besides, Pyarmor could run/import encrypted python scripts in target machine as one of the following ways:

  • Any target machine, or
  • only in a special machine (bind to hard disk serial number), or
  • expired on some day

License Policy

Pyarmor is published as shareware, in the trial version, the key used to encrypt scripts is fixed. A registration code is required in order to use any key to encrypt scripts.

  • Personal user:one registration code is enough.
  • Company user:one registration code is only used for one project/product.

Click Purchase, you will receive information electronically immediately after payment is completed successfully. Then replace the content of "license.lic" with registration code only (no newline).