Pyarmor is a command line tool used to import or run obfuscated python scripts. Only by a few extra files, pyarmor can run and imported obfuscated files as normal python scripts.

Pyarmor just likes an enhancement which let python could run or import obfuscated files.

Main Features

Obfuscation Mechanism

Pyarmor obfuscates python scripts by 2 ways:

More information refer to How to obfuscate python scripts

Support Platforms

Quick Start


The simple way is pip

    pip install pyarmor

Or get source package from pypi/pyarmor

Pyarmor is a command line tool, main script is After you get source package, unpack it to any path, then run as common python script


If Pyarmor is installed by pip, there is a command will be avaiable in Python script path


Basic Usage

The following examples show how to obfuscate a python package pybench, which locates in the examples/pybench in the source of pyarmor.

Obfuscate package pybench directly:

    python obfuscate --src examples/pybench --entry \
                                "*.py" "package/*.py"

    # Note that quotation mark is required for file patterns, otherwise
    # it will be expanded base on current path by shell.
    # This command will create an extra file in the
    # --src path, and save all the obfuscated scripts to default output
    # path "dist" in the current path
    cd dist

    # Check obfuscated script

    # Run obfuscated script

Use project to manage obfuscated scripts:

    mkdir projects
    python init --src examples/pybench --entry \

    # This command will create 2 files: .pyarmor_config,
    # in the project path "projects/pybench"
    cd projects/pybench

    # And there is a shell script "pyarmor" is created at the same time.
    # (In windows, the name is "pyarmor.bat")
    # Now run command "build" to obfuscated all the scripts
    ./pyarmor build

    # Check obfuscated script
    cd dist

    # Run obfuscated script

There is a webui used to manage project easily. Start it

    # For windows

    # For linux
    # If Pyarmor is installed by pip

Here is online demo

More information, refer to

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